Multiple Teams · Parkway Christian Virtual Athletic Banquet 2019-2020

Parkway Christian Virtual Athletic Banquet 2020 (updated version)

Due to the Covid pandemic, Parkway Christian had to cancel the 2019-2020 Athletic Banquet. The athletic department has collected videos from the coaches of many of Parkway’s JV and Varsity teams. The coaches discuss the seasons, individual players and awards given to players.

The virtual banquet is over 90 minutes long. In case you would like to fast forward to a specific team, here are the start times for coaches:

1:30 – Varsity Boys Soccer Coach Matthew Voss

8:23 – Volleyball (JV and Varsity) Coaches Joy Sprang, Melissa McCabee, Crystal Mitchell

22:38 – JV Boys Basketball Coaches Jonah Ings and Dave Wallace

26:03 – Varsity Boys Basketball Coaches Steve Hammel Sr and Steve Hammel Jr.

39:23 – Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Joe Malburg

1:06:30 – Varsity Competitive Cheer Coaches Shannon Spach and Aly Saunders

1:22:58 – Varsity Sideline Cheer Coach Aly Saunders

1:31:02 – Varsity Baseball Coach Harold Macks

1:33:09 – Varsity Softball Coaches Joy Sprang and Linda Mick

1:37:45 – Varsity Golf – Coach Kevin Koepplinger

Thank you to Parkway Administrators for your support and love of Parkway Athletics. Thank you for leading us through your example.

Thank you coaches for your hard work and dedication that have inspired our students to become more than they ever dreamed they could. Thank you for pushing our athletes to their limits and beyond. You inspired them to become not just a better athlete, but a better person as well. Thank you for your constant support of Parkway Christian School.

Thank you parents/guardians for believing in your athletes. Through sports, YOU are providing your children with incredible life-lessons that will serve them well throughout the rest of their lives. Win or lose, they are building character directly because of your support and efforts.

Thank you to our players. Each one of you has taught Parkway something valuable about the game, and about life. Each one of you has made Parkway a better place. Each one of you has mattered. Each of you has been important. Each of you has been a special blessing to their team. Each of you has a gift from God. You may not all have the same gifts, but you have GIFTS nonetheless – and my hope for each of you is that you remain constantly aware of how amazing you are and will carry your gifts forward and do great things for God.

Thank you Linda Mick for creating the video and helping bring closure to the athletic seasons.