Multiple Teams · Parkway Christian Athletics Lift-A-Thon

Saturday, May 15th the Eagles Wings Booster Club is sponsoring the Parkway Christian Athletics Lift-A-Thon.

Parkway Christian is a school where student learning thrives and children feel good about the place they call their school. We believe that this is because of the incredible students that attend our school, the awesome Christian staff and coaches who believe that relationships with students are key to optimal learning and growth and most importantly, the incredible support of our families.

We could not engage in the wonderful opportunities without your monetary support that we use for new equipment and uniforms, travel expenses, team gear and more. Please know that no amount is too small. Your ongoing backing and support are both truly appreciated.

*Our student-athletes train year-round in the weight room. The Lift-A-Thon is an opportunity for us to “show off” all of their hard work by performing a max lift on The Big 3 weightlifting exercises. The pounds for each lift are added together for their total pounds. Totals could range from about 450-1200 pounds, with average being about 700 pounds.

THE BIG 3: Bench Press, Dead-lift, Squat – Combined total of all 3 major lifts: (Example: Bench 145 lbs, Dead-lift 270 lbs, Squat 185 lbs = 600 lbs)
The sponsor commits to the lifter to pay anywhere from $.01 cent per pound, up to .25 cents per pound. 600 lbs x .01 = $6.00 to support the PCS Weight Room.
{$0.05 cents would be a decent average pledge per pound}

Please consider sponsoring a student-athlete by pledging an amount per pound or a flat donation to help them reach their goal of $250 each. We are asking for a Pledge for each Eagle Athlete to support our Boosters who support all of us.
This organization is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.
*Your donation is tax-deductible.

If you would like to contribute to the Lift-A-Thon, please use this link.
Please find the Player or Coach you would like to pledge or donate for, click on their name below to make your Pledge or Donation.

Donations will help pay for weight room upgrades, equipment for teams, new uniforms, team gear and more.

Thank You, God Bless & Go PC Eagles!
Coach Joe Beck